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  • 02 March 2020

    Festive celebrations in Labin (Croatia)

    On Sunday, March 1 this year, a delegation from the State Mining Authority headed by the president of SMA Adam Mirek took part in the meeting on the 99th anniversary of the so-called Republic of Labin.

  • 25 February 2020

    Meetings summarising "A Life with Mining" Project (MineLife)

    On 24 February 2020, the District Mining Office in Wroclaw held a meeting to summarise "A Life with Mining" Project (MineLife).

  • 21 February 2020

    Meeting in Freiberg

    On 17 February 2020, Freiberg held another meeting as part of the MineLife Project, "A Life with Mining", which is being implemented jointly by the Saxon State Mining Authority, Marshal's Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodship and the State Mining Authority in Katowice together with the District Mining Office in Wroclaw.

  • 20 December 2019

    A commemorative obelisk for the Czech miners

    On 20 December 2019, the anniversary of the methane explosion in the Czech ČSM Stonava Mine, a monument was unveiled to commemorate 13 miners who died a year ago in the disaster. The explosion killed 12 Poles.

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